About Us

Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to A Rustic Romance. My name is Erin and I started this as a hobby in 2014. My vision has changed a little over the years. Originally, I wanted a shop, would never say the word "boutique" because that wasn't my vision. I wanted to find things that people thought were old, rusted, ugly, useless, and transform them into beautiful pieces. I love old things. I love the feeling I get when I find something vintage and cool. Sometimes it needs a little love before others can see beyond it's outward appearance. Sometimes it just needs to be paired with the right colors and textures for it to look amazing. People are similar I think. When we find the right weirdos to surround us, to bring out the best in us, then we are able to be the best version of our self.

I love finding what others call junk - thus the term "junkin." I often find junk at estate sales, garage sales, antique shows, and yes, even on the curb. Have you heard of the term junker-necking? You know, it's like rubber necking except it happens when you pass by someone's pile of junk on the curb... anyways back to the story.

I named this business back when my original vision was about creating beautiful, lovely, whimsical, and romantic pieces for people to use in their homes and weddings. And then I went dormant for awhile as life happened. And then one day my sister and I were talking and she said why don't you start your business again? I thought sure, why not. My vision has changed over the years a little and I even thought about renaming my business. I'm now incorporating our woodwork into our boutique and have added fashion and accessories but I wasn't sure the name would fit. I thought romance? How is this rusty piece of metal romantic? I don't know why, but I kept the original name and just kept creating. I am so glad I didn't change my business name.

Obviously, the majority of our work is rustic, old wood. Reclaimed wood is the best because it has a story. Most things do. Even us. We are in a way like that old barn wood. It's weathered, it's warped, it has chippy paint (which I love by the way). Some throw it out as useless. They feel it is no longer strong, is useless, needs replacing. But these are the most valuable pieces that I love. They have texture, character, and they have a story. When we create with these weathered pieces, we make something new out of something old, that continues to tell it's story. 

My husband, Rick and I now work as a team. He had never picked up a hammer when we met. Now, he won't put one down. He loves to work with wood. We both love to create. It's an innate ability we all have been given originating from our own Creator. I'm so thankful for the journey we have been on together and for my husband that continues to put up with my crazy ideas. He has joined me on this crazy bus and I'm excited for the team we have become. Thanks for listening and for letting me tell our bump, chippy, weathered, rustic, and romantic story. 


Erin & Rick